Monday, November 01, 2004


The Cosimic Significance of Brittney

Wow, I liked this story by the hand full. Its great stuff, how the author contrasts Brittney to three people that might not seem to have anything in common at all. This is true for Brittney/Cobain. One you first compare the two, anyone would think that neither have anything in common and if they would ever happen to meet, it would be like the show, "Celebrity Death Match". The comparison to Madona was great and was full or origainal thoughts.
I thought it was a good artical and thought that the background of pink would well set the stage for disater for brittney fans. Maybe the artical could have been expanded some to show how she is doing at the moment, but overall I liked it and couldn't do any better myself.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Kurt Is my Co-Pilot

by Toure

I really loved the story. The story was about Dale Ernhardt Jr. (Junior). I really like the part how the story starts out when he was a child and he first listen to Kurt Cobain's 'Teenspirit'. I aposolutely love when the author says, "Dale was, that moment, pulled from his good-ol-boys path and rebaptized by rock & roll.

I also like how much I can relate to the story. I can relate to his music selection like Dr. Dre. I like how the author shows the Junior is pretty much just a regular guy with regular feelings and likes to do regular things, like hunt and go out for pizza and drink beer!

The author does a good job explaining in detail how a lot of things really were. I love how he discribes the cars on the race track when they are turned on ready to go: "...he filcks the lever to start the engin, and the beast sackles loudly, then begfins to ripple and roar as if it were a lion growling through clenched teeth, or giagintic demented bowl of Rice Krispies snap-crackle-popping in fury."

Lots of good quotes in the story. The story lets you know the true personalitly of Junior and how is is a plain old guy that loves to race, and how when he loses get would get depressed. Very good story but maybe should have left out some minor details that he went kind of in depth with, out.


Coming Home Again

-by Chang-rae Lee

Coming home again! This title is about one scene in the story where Chang-rae Lee was down at boarding school. His parents were coming to pick him up but they stopped before they reached there because Chang-rae Lee's mother was dying cancer. They stopped because they weren't talking to each other and in the silence there was a grinding like sound coming from her stomach. All they did was look at each other and cry. She knew she was going to die.

Chang-rae Lee's mother was a very fine cook and cooked for her family a lot. As his mother got started to get worse and started wearing her pj's all day and night it was about his time to start to learn how to cook for the family. He wasn't as good as his mother and he would sometimes screw up.

This story was very inspirational to me. After reading it I felt like I should pay more attention to my family and show them I care because if I don't I might become too late. I like all the details in the story and love how the story flows and comes all together by the end. I can tell he went to college because the writing was very well done.

I should be more nice to my parents and not push their buttons like Chang-rae Lee does in the story.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I am

I am a reader,
I am a writer,
I am a weeder,
I am a spider,
I am mellow yellow,

I drink moutain dew,
I run up grasses moutains,
Just to find a place to chill,

I am enthusastic, I try to explain to someone who doesn't know,
I walk into a museum like the wind blows,
I like to run, I like to work, I like to learn, I like to cook,
Since college I have read a lot more books,
I got the skill and I got the looks,
I am unique in my own personality.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Tastes, Smells, Foods that mean Home

Everyday I would walk from my bus from the very end of the street. My house was the last house on the block with the beautiful gardan that my mother always liked to work on growing fresh vegetables, when the rabits didn't eat them. Usually my mother likes to keep busy and when shes not, well, she cooks.

I walk inside and see my mother right there in the kitchen stiring the boiling water. She said she was preparing a salty dinner tonight with a huge side dish of pasta, my favorite. The pasta dish is the kind of food I would always eat, it would practically be main dish, for me. The smell of her pasta always seemed refreshing, so I would eat it till my stomach was full.

In a bit my father would come home all tired and worked to the bone and all he wanted was some food to feed his enormous belly.
My father and I would alway turn on the television and he would open a lot of the wooden windows to receive a breeze and cool off the hot house.
This house wasn't just any house, it was a castle of a home. It had many art pieces and budda work. I know that my parents went to all these different african and asian places in the peace core way before I was born and I was not to touch or break anything.
They used to enjoy many spicy and exotic food, without the threat of things being broken,
But not anymore.
Today we were having some fresh pasta, my favorite, and some well cooked viel.
As dinner became ready, I would be upstairs in my own little world on my bed doing the young boy thing. Dinner's ready! I run down stairs.

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